Visualizing the Zodiac
Symbolic Astrology for everyone.
  The Degrees of the Zodiac

There are 360 of them .. and we've made drawings for them.

Artist Lyle van Loon and Astrologer Michael Ax spent the first half of 2006 on this project. This is their site. We're glad you're here!

Before these pictures, you had to form images in your mind each time if you wanted to get the sense of a degree.

After 20 years of doing that, Michael asked Lyle to do the process with him .. and to capture what they found in pictures that spoke to the young adults of today.

Now, for the first time in the history, we can all SEE what going on.

You easily make connections when you see the degrees in relation and find them integrated with the iChing and the Calendar as well.  


At the moment this site is intended for an audience that understands the astrological applications of these images

Yet look at Sample Midpoints or Degree Mirrors. The wealth of story arising from the related imagery is sure to help someone looking for creative ideas around the kinds of situations and people we fnd modeled in the Sabian Symbols.

Rx's.. round down not up with an Rx point like the nodes or individual planets. Its that simple. For the node I like the mean nodes rather than the actual ones. Remember there are nodes for a lot of things and they are very worthwhile to ponder with the help of the midpoints page. Rx's will teach you a lot about seeing the sequence and blends in the degrees. With a little practice you can see the forward blends, sure, but like I said, try looking at Rx's by starting with the lower degree.

23°59' is late. its very late. the point in question is probably already touching the next degree. read the next degree when its so darn late and consider the effect of the imagery for where you'd find the center as what you're transitioning from. Read 23°59' not as 24, but as 25 and then 24. The older you get, the more likely that you'll live in the subsequent degrees anyhow and around that time the blendings at the degree boundaries would seem to have one develop convictions; more pronounced when one suspect the edge of the 'points' to already be in the next degree. Then it makes sense to look ahead. Mars at 03can59 is already thinking can05. Its still playful and quite self-content, but you can tell the difference to 03can01 in a hearbeat. The more people I meet, the more accutely aware of these nuances I become and I suspect that you too will find that the imagery will support your interpretive rapport quite well.

Sun and Moon. Blends again. Sun and Moon are ~31' of arc in the sky. That's half of a degree. With the lights being so big you have to ponder not only their relative distance from the previous and next degrees, but you have to also be quite alert to the face and decile you're in. Understanding the adjecend degrees and where one is inside of a decans helps me lot with the lights.
These consideration are 'generically' important of course, yet with the lights they are also 'very much in your face'. faces and deciles. check em out.

    Inspired by extensive use of Rudhyar, Jones and Goldsmiths works on the degrees.

"Dedicated to the Sharpie who drew us all"

You can buy an 6x9 196pg book with these illustrations. We have 8x10"x30 and 8x10"x12 color glossy cards under development. You can also license these images for use in your reports.

Please write to Michael or Lyle with your praise, and Michael with your criticisms.

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