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][ Welcome!

This is the site where you can see the neighborhoods your planets were visiting when You came into Your chart.

You need only have a horoscope and point into the grid to find Your Self in pictures from the Zodiac. You don't need myth when you can see sketched stories you've known in your life

Symbolic Astrology, done like this, is about as powerful a tool as astrologers have had to date. You can bring a chart to live in seconds and in your sessions develop a rapport with your client which was not there before.

Please try this new and visual way of approaching your chart. We're working to make this site work with full charts, not just a single point at a time .. and to have it make custom symbolic pdf reports/books which you can take to discuss anyone's chart with. The hope is that by 'spelling it out' we can correct some of the misconceptions people have about what it is like to 'think astrological'. People want to know their potentials in the right way.. Now You Can Show Them!

Lyle van Loon, a 3rd generation artist, now just done with high-school, and Michael Ax, software developer, philosopher, with 22 years of applied astrology behind him got together to make these images for you and they hope you enjoy them!

We spent 6 months 'processing' the "The Zodiac by Degrees" by Martin Goldsmith, "An Astrological Mandala" by Dane Rudhyar, "Symbolical Astrology" by Marc Edmund Jones, "The Human Design System" by Ra Uru Hu, "The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac" by Adriano Carelli and others. Working one random degree at a time, Lyle sketched what we could see. The errors are mine. email Michael Ax

We're still in pre-release and we'll be going over things during the Mercury Rx. It would be cool if you dropped us a line with whatever thoughts you thought might help us.

the calendar is not working yet.
you will be able to control to contents of the above popups.
(only our views/art&words until i integrate more stuff, like the iching)
(i'm thinking rudhyar and first edition of jones, input and ideas welcome)
nothing has been spell-checked. not all the interpretations and names are done yet.
select the vertical or horizontal crops, no square ones exist yet, to save space on-screen.

"In 1925, an extraordinary thing happened: two people - a clairvoyant medium and an astrologer received messages from the world of spirit for every degree of the zodiac." says Linda Hill's reviewer on Guess what happened 81 years later during the Uranus return of that event? you got us! Enjoy the images and if you've not seen the above books, buy them and come back to talk!

The Site now has a commenting system.
In modern web-speak this means that the world can have a centrally
syndicated dialog about the degrees. We don't look forward to spam,
but having a system like this will allow us to chat with you about the
imagery and what we were thinking. Please no cross-linking degrees
until the end of the month. The site URL will change by then.

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